Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Get Rid of ObamaCare

The Trump administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Thursday asking them to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, the administration argues that the entire law bust fall. Essentially the Supreme Court is going to hear a case in which the ACA was ruled illegal. The Trump administration is supposed to be the defendant, but they have refused to defend the law. Instead of defending the law, they are asking the court to get rid of it.

Critics of the administration and proponents of the ACA point out that repealing the law in the middle of a pandemic would cause issues with not only affordability but with access, as the current healthcare system relies on provisions like the pre-existing protections provision and the provisions that allow for cost assistance.

For more , see VOX’s “Trump’s DOJ asks the Supreme Court to strip health care from 23 million people.”

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the head writer and founder of,, and other websites. He has been in the health insurance and healthcare information field since 2012. is a...

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Trump is an idiot. He has no companion or empathy for anyone. He is racist and sexist. He has ego that doesn’t quit. If anything does not benefit him, he not only against it; he hates anyone who disagrees with him. He insensitive to the people he is supposed to represent, but instead he has made the office of the presidency political and has divided out country. He is an embarrassment to the majority of the American citizens and our allies around the world. The country and the world will be better off without him.

He has hated President Obama and along with the Republican/Trump Parties set out to undo anything that he and Biden accomplished.

We need to keep, and perhaps improve ObamaCare, but now is not the time to even consider eliminating it.

Trump is a sick and an evil person.

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