REMINDER: There is An Important ObamaCare Lawsuit in the Works

A Reminder and Some Opinions From Someone Who Supports Bipartisan HealthCare Reform Done Via Congress that Achieves Universal Affordable Coverage

20 states are suing the Federal Government charging that without the mandate ObamaCare is illegal. Now consider Trump repealed the mandate, the 20 states are Republican led, and Trump’s administration won’t defend ObamaCare in Court.

In other words, Republicans are using every legal avenue except for Congress to try to repeal the ACA… yet again.

Is it absurd that Republicans repealed the mandate and then sued the government because they say the repeal then made the ACA illegal? I can’t fully answer that question, but it certaintly isn’t exactly a transparent and proper healthcare plan.

A repeal and replace might be justified, that is just a matter of one’s politics. I think most rational people would agree we need reform. But do we need all branches of government circumventing the legislative process and doing an odd partisan dance to try to push the ACA out through some loophole instead of taking it to vote in Congress… I’m not sure that is the best move…. yet this is what we have seen this time and it isn’t too different from some of the other lawsuits that helped to partially break the ACA (part of the reason premiums are high are GOP led lawsuits that resulted in certain key provisions being illegal to enforce, like Medicaid expansion and others are the result of executive and threats to defund the ACA by the GOP; look it up).

Anyway, I’ll keep this brief as I just wanted to remind people of the lawsuit, state my opinion that the process by which they trying to break ObamaCare (likely to force a replacement plan through) is at best underhanded, and point out that if you pay close attention you’ll find a series of underhanded tactics used to break Obamacare that have undermined the good intentions of the law and taken us to this point.

That said, we can all roll our eyes at this (or cheer it on if that is your cup of tea), but let us not forget those eye rolls and cheers we heard before each of the other successful attempts to diminish ObamaCare around the edges. Each one hurt Americans but helped the GOP win on the message that ObamaCare wasn’t working. Politics is dirty, we get that. But when the battleground is healthcare, we all tend to suffer. So it is really in our best interest to not bicker and to hold Washington accountable…. in my opinion.

To learn more, read Bloomberg’s: Health Warning: Obamacare Is in Legal Peril Once Again and Latest Obamacare Lawsuit Looks Like Another Loser.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the head writer and founder of,, and other websites. He has been in the health insurance and healthcare information field since 2012. is a...

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