I am now a 53 year old woman who never had health insurance until ObamaCare. On my first visit to my PCP, she detected a lump in my breast and sent me off to get a mammogram and ultrasound. Long story short, I had a stage 1( early and small) grade 3 (mean and aggressive) invasive breast cancer. I thank President Obama for giving me the means to discover and fight off this beast before it could spread. President Obama saved my life with his Affordable Care Act.

What do you think?

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mary on

You may think Obama care saved your life, but more and that work insurance went up and
deductables and co-payments went up so much that the working and elderly can’t get medical help.Obama care is a product that insurance company’s lobbied for and is getting rich from.Check it out millionaire’s on Obama care.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well, real people are literally having their lives saved. You have to remember that people used to be excluded for preexisting conditions.

Rogelio on

Mary, you are sorely mistaken. There are plenty of criticisms around The Healthcare Act, but you are diseminating lies. The elderly always have, and still do, underpay relative to the cost of their care. If anything, prices need to be raised on that segment of the population and Obamacare has helped keep those costs in check/ artificially depressed (keeping in mind the strong tie in to Medicare policiea). Please educate yourself and do not spread lies — at least criticize Obamacare in an accurate fashion.