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What ever happened to freedom to choose? Where are the peoples rights? Why must we yield to these demands or be subject to fines or persecution?

I have not had insurance since 2009. I work for a living and pay my doctor and hospital bills same as I pay for groceries. I pay for it when I need it. I do not depend on insurance companies that will fail you. I put my faith in God to provide for me when I need it. He has never failed. Nuff said.

At a hospital, for Tylenol they charge about $18.00. An aspirin tablet can be as high as 80 bucks. I’ve spent plenty time in hospitals and I paid insurance companies 280 to 400 a month depending on my marriage status. Its cheaper to not be married so I’m not sure what the Gay community is fussing about. I just saw an online post about a bag of 12 dollar saline costing the customer/ins co 800 dollars at the hospital. Sounds as outrageous as the 100 dollar hammers Uncle Sam use to buy. Insurance companies love to play this game and 800 bucks for any charge at a doctors office, clinic or hospital is cheap, cheap, cheap considering they are being paid 200 to 500 or more from the client every month. Biggest rip off scam in the history of our once great nation is the monkey the government has put on our backs. Please post this with my name if you want too. If you have the balls to expose the truth.

The extra tax the IRS has imposed on me for not having insurance is absurd. I would greatly appreciate the stolen money being returned to me. I want not part of your insurance your scams your lies your deceitful ways. Stay out of my business and let me provide my own care. Your HELP is killing me.

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At the income you state you would have been in a almost 100% free obamacare silver plan with low income subsidies.
Why didn’t you take this, or is your story a lie?


I agree with you 100%. As a senior who just turned 65 I now have to pay big money for much less insurance than I had before through my job. The big question is what can we do about it? Is there any way to organize millions of Americans and get rid of the corrupt unfair so-called health laws? Are we all doomed to socialism? Did Hitler return and take control? Inquiring minds want to know? WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT IF ANYTHING???


The Government needs to leave the people alone and stop using us as slaves for their high spending. They don’t care about the People, or our health and concerns. As long as they make politics their careers and our tax dollars paying for their free healthcare for life Not excluding their BIG PENSIONS, why should they care for us. We are paying for them and the poor, who pays for us….NO ONE!!! Soon the bough will break.


You can always apply for an exemption from the fee for having medical bills. More info on this link https://www.healthcare.gov/fees-exemptions/exemptions-from-the-fee/

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