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I was advised after having obamacare for 1 year that I was no longer eligible for the program because my spouse lost his job and we did not meet the income requirements for the subsidy.I myself am disabled and receive social security benefits which fall about two hundred dollars short for obamacare and medicaid thru my state is advising me that I am on a shared cost plan of $899.00 per month. Between my prescriptions and once a month doctor visit I do not meet medically needy. According to the state of fl I am over income with my $1,100.00 social security disability payments monthly. At this point I am at a dead end because obamacare will not provide coverage and the state will only pay if I meet $899.00 monthly. I hope this message reaches someone who can do something about this gap and messed up system.

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I am blind in one eye and can’t see much through the other. I live with my mom. I’m 49. I have been a professional driver almost my whole life, and can’t pass my DOT physical.
I was denied medicare because governor rick scott. Would not extend the medicaid program through obamacare. When I was talking on the phone I was told I need to be completely blind or have a child and that would qualify me. It’s enough to make you sick.
I am now applying for SSI because I don’t have enough credits for SSD.


It is monster policy by state of Florida. Most republicans control everything and they are hostile to middle income, elderly, and poor people. Their policy is a bogus.


Same problem here I work but only make about 10500.00 per year and qualify for Medicaid Share of Cost not regular medicaid so I can actually get a physician/hmo plan. Apparently not enough for Affordable Healthcare Act policies.

How do we get preventative care like this? My state is Florida


I have the same problem I am disabled still waiting for disability to go threw and my husband became disabled threw his employment 2 years ago, so still waiting for his disability to go threw, we do get workers comp. disability, that we constantly battle with for husband can never work again. asked to get help with health care and was told we were not eligible because of his workers comp. was to much and we have no children at home.Yes we were offered a insurance, independent. at 975.00 a month that is half of our income and plus out of pocket co pays and medications plus a 500.00 deductible for each of us ! I feel like we are being punished for being disabled at no fault of our husband and have always worked until disabled. where is the help !!! I thought Obama Care was supposed to help !!


ObamaCare can only help if your state expands Medicaid, if you make between 100% – 400% of the Federal Poverty Level in Modified Adjusted Gross Income, if you have access to another insurance type, or buy private insurance. In states that didn’t expand Medicaid there is a gap where ObamaCare was supposed to help but states have stood in the way choosing to save potential state tax dollars in the future (ObamaCare pays 90%-100% costs currently). The problem you are having is that workers compensation isn’t included in Modified Adjusted Gross Income, so even though you have an income that would qualify you otherwise you aren’t making at least 100% in MAGI. This is great tax-wise, but credit-wise it is not ideal. Medicaid was supposed to be there to cover you. Remember to let people know that it is your state not expanding Medicaid that has made your situation difficult, not ObamaCare.


You can always apply for an exemption from the fee because your state did not expand Medicaid coverage? correct? For more information check out this link


we are screwed here in Fla because of Rick Scott and he has many more years in his term. I could not get ins for 20 years because I had a preexisting condition.I had been working and had ins thru my employee so everything was fine. now there are no jobs in SWFla that provide ins. I finally got covered Feb 1 2015 but my partner quit there job for medical reasons.WE told Obamacare and they said now you are not eligble for the subsidies go to a health clinic. yeah, where they do nothing


Sorry to hear that. The big misconception about Medicaid is that it is for people who don’t want to work. It’s important to remember that people are in between jobs for many reasons… one of the biggest reasons being that they get sick. Imagine getting cancer and not being able to work, at this point you have no income so you can’t get ObamaCare. And you live in Florida so you can’t get Medicaid. People don’t think of it like that, but a little critical thinking shows why just that one aspect of the Affordable Care Act is so important. Never-mind the other parts like the mandate for insurers to cover pre-existing conditions. Let us cross our fingers and hope the Medicaid deniers step up to the plate and the 2016 President isn’t a rightwing extremist. Other politics aside, it would be really difficult to see tens of millions of Americans back to having no options. These are real people here (real people with a vote… in Florida… Cough, cough.)

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