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At my place of work it was the employers idea to find the cheapest insurance ever. The employer would go into any state or any place that offered the lowest rate. I had an insurance that would pay for your physical unless they found something wrong with you. Then it was all you. I had dental were the insurance company would pay to have my teeth cleaned but if the dentist found anything wrong with my teeth I had to handle that. Same with eyes. This sounds like a joke but these were the insurance agents my company used to lower their insurance bill. It was a nightmare of scare us employees to death about Obama care and how it was just going to-ruin this company and cause us to lose pay.

Once it came the insurance company sent a nice young woman to explain the horrible effect Obama care was going to reek on our checks and how it was going to harm the insurance companies. Being I can read I ask how getting thousands of new clients and only 3% of the people actually using it that Obama care could be a bad thing for them or us as it should lower cost. I was ignored and frowned upon as ignorant to economical conditions.

Now that we have it our boss has figured out how to make us pay more while lowering his cost. Over all it has helped me ad I am glad it is in place as I hope it stays and is amended for the other parts to help Americans even more. Now my Uncle is a hard liner republican and say his insurance cost is far out their and he showed me his cost. He seems to be right and I can’t figure out why as he is a truck driver and not part of the rich. This is what he sent me: Virgil Lowers “The savings”?? I pay 80% more now and my deductible went to $6000 from $2500. I pay regular price at Wal-Mart for my prescriptions because it would cost twice as much if I used my “benefits”. The health care system was just fine before, only the government didn’t have total control over it. By the way, 37 million Americans still don’t have health insurance coverage. But now these are mostly workers instead of indigents. Who deserves health insurance more, those who are productive or those who aren’t? If you can tell me why their is so glaring a price increase and I can relay it to him I would be thankful for the help.

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