No Income and Lost Benefits Story

I lost my job in September and have been receiving unemployment since October.

I have multiple health problems that made it impossible to get insurance last year. I was able to get coverage that began as of January 1.

The coverage I had was awesome in that all my medication and my primary doctor visits where covered 100% and my deductible was only $300.

Since I have exhausted my unemployment as of last week I called to let them know which was a nightmare.

I have just had my insurance canceled and was told I had to either pay for it myself at 100% or I had to now go to the community health clinic in my area.

Isn’t our government great. It is bad enough that they lie about the unemployment rate now they have to penalize people with their health coverage.

They only know about those individuals that are actively collecting unemployment. I have called my state senator office to be told I am one of the ones that are falling between the crack.

How can our president stand up and say he is providing coverage for everyone when this is a lie. Something needs to be done about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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since when is the government responsible for your bills stand on your two feet


I will have less earnings than the annual incomes I estimated when I applied for my health insurance plan. What do you think will happen when I file my 2015 tax return?


You’ll likely be able to claim extra tax credits (tax credits may be given in advance but they are actually just claimed on form 8962 with your 1040). Conversely if you have more income you will likely owe back tax credits. This is in general, every situation is different and based on a number of factors related to income, insurance options, and filing status.


I am in Ohio. The thing I see that’s so flawed about the ACA is its to flawed to work. I believe for its said and done with, its gonna get to where it won’t cover much of anything and it will get to high in cost and a major decline in quality of healthcare. Not repealing it only keeps us from disaster temporarily. And far as medicare and medicaid, its only a matter of time before both programs are exhausted another’s words broke. The risk corridor only saves the insurance companies if they begin to loose money, and the federal government can’t continue to bail them out because this is taxpayers money and if they don’t raise taxes very steeply, it will get to where it won’t cover much or it will basically bankrupt the government. What have learned is, you can’t spend money you don’t have.


PPACA I believe is a step towards a SINGLE PAYER SYTEM FOR HEALTHCARE wich means its MEDICARE for all. What’s going to make things really bad is theirs a major insurance crisis looming in the near future. I believe stakeholders and the CAPITALIST in the insurance companies are In for a rude surprise because they will end up not making near the money they were making before ACA passage and this also includes the hospitals and doctors as well. Other things to look at that makes healthcare so expensive is FRAUD and LAW SUITS.


This healthcare law isn’t designed for our economy, its headed for disaster. You can’t expect to put people on the insurance companies at this alarming rate because the more people they have to pay out for the higher the premiums will rise and these states that have the less expensive premiums will see their premiums rise do to the fact their loosing customers in the much more expensive states on premiums, and do to this the premiums in less expensive states will see the effects. The ACA has not been effect long enough to inflict the damages it will cause. So this is just the beginning. Basically it will most likely destroy the healthcare system altogether


If I had coverage through my job and lost my job I would no longer have insurance. You are offered affordable insurance that was based on your income. If you have no income, you have no insurance.

There are other federal and state programs that assist with those with no income. Unfortunately, losing you insurance coverage is Universal when you lose you means of paying for it. Healthcare is not Welfare.



I am 71, wife 68. My wife has medicare, I have an advantage plan.
My question:
With aca being required, is medicare still deducted from working peoples paychecks to fund medicare? If not where does that leave wife/me.


ObamaCare improves Medicare benefits, closes the donut hole, eliminates wasteful spending and extends Medicare solvency. It doesn’t change the way Medicare is paid for or the way Medicare is received. So if you have Medicare, you don’t need to do anything aside from continue to maintain your Medicare coverage.


Couldn’t you have simply purchased COBRA health insurance to carry you over to your next job opportunity or marketplace/medicaid purchase? Your health condition would not have mattered and you could have canceled your (up to 18 months of) COBRA coverage once you obtained coverage elsewhere.


I need cancel my plan obamacare, because i cant cancel my company Insurance from my Job until october they said.


It’s smart to only have one plan at a time in most cases. You can keep either the employer or marketplace plan, however you can’t get cost assistance with access to an employer plan. If you know you’ll be leaving a job you can wait until around that time to sign up for the Marketplace. Losing coverage for any reason other than non-payment triggers a Special Enrollment Period in the Marketplace.


Sorry to hear about your experince.

If you have no income you qualify for Medicaid in most states. The Marketplace was most likely referring you to your Medicaid options.

The law was meant to expand Medicaid in all states. However, in some states Medicaid wasn’t expanded to all adults, so it may be your state blocking you from getting help.

In state’s that expanded under ObamaCare, Medicaid is a free or low cost health plan offered to all adults and children with incomes below the poverty line.

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