My name is Joseph D’Andrea. I proudly served in the U.S Navy for 6 years. I recently got separated and now working 3 part-time jobs and finishing my degree in accounting this year.

I can not find a full-time job because I don’t have a degree.

I went to the Hawaii health connector because I am living in Hawaii and I no longer had Tri-care from the military. They found me a plan but said I was ineligible for any tax credit.

I don’t know why, I don’t make that much money working part-time?

Overall I have health insurance, but I don’t want to get hurt because I feel that I would have to pay a lot out of pocket for any medical bills.

Recently a news article came out and said that the Hawaii health connector received a poor grade in an audit. This concerns me, since I got my insurance through them. I just hope everything works out.

Joseph D’Andrea

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Cost assistance should be based solely on income for you.

If you project to make between $11,670 and $46,680 after tax deductions for 2015, then you should be getting some sort of assistance through the Hawaii Health Connector.

You can double check your application and update your information if you feel that the estimate is wrong.

It’s also worth noting, that since you have three jobs, if any one of them offer you affordable coverage you can’t get cost assistance on Hawaii’s Marketplace.