Health insurance for my family of 5 will be double effective Dec. 1; $ 750 per month MORE than we currently pay = $15K per year. As my husband and I age, it will just gets worse. My company shopped 9 different plans and this was the cheapest. This is not affordable. God, please help my family because if we lose our job we will really be hurting. According to your standards, we make too much to get a break, but we live in a high cost area already and we struggle already.

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Jim Crozier on

I too had insurance before the mandate. My premiums were 464$ for myself and 2 kids. This was for a 3000$ max out of pocket.
Now I’m offered no subsidy, my premiums would be over 700$ for similar coverage WITHOUT my 2 kids on the policy.
I can not afford insurance now !