We have an opportunity to show Donald Trump a people’s healthcare plan, let’s work together to create something Great. Help us create an ObamaCare alternative.

Below is an idea for an ObamaCare fix for example, can you add to it or do better?

Comment with your ideas below, and we’ll take the best ideas and present it to President Trump (to the degree we can as citizens) as “a peoples’ healthcare plan.” This would be a great way to fix our problems and show unity.

  1. Fix all real ObamaCare sticking points (not ideological ones). So fix things like the family glitch, but not “fix” taxes by repealing them.
  2. Expand tax credits to 400% – 600% of the Poverty Level.
  3. Push states to expand Medicaid with unique solutions, this way we can help test to see what the best Medicaid solutions are (if Pence expanded, then any state red or blue should be able to find an option that works for them).
  4. Expand HSAs and allow for power accounts like Pence’s HIP 2.0
  5. Include a public option that can be bundled with Medicaid state by state allowing people to buy into a public plan that supports other Americans.
  6. The public option then replaces the mandate, as those who would owe the fee can get the option. Those who don’t want this should be able to opt-out.

We have more ideas, but this keeps it simple. Do you have better ideas or ideas for price controls? Share them below!

What do you think?

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Angela Simms on

Trump Administration should create a Major Medical plan that covers major illnesses, and people should be able to get additional health care where ever they choose if they need or want it. This cuts down on cost of premiums, covers major expenses, cuts down on paperwork for the government “suggested” plan, everyone pay the same thing for major medical care and define major medical care to include any pre-existing condition because it is possible that a medical condition has been managed without major medical costs, quit covering kids over 21 unless they are in school, do not force maternity or gender specific illnesses and allow them as riders that you purchase separately, offer a catastrophic illness policy that is above and beyond what major medical covers. Three tiers: Health maintenance for those people who need doctor visits covered, Major medical for those with pre-existing conditions or want to have the insurance to cover a major medical condition, and a catastrophic care provision similar to a cancer policy. You can pick one, or all three. Based on statistics of where the insurance companies have lost money (major medical Im guessing) the fee would be somewhat tied to the medical category of expenses based on claims.

Obama care sucks – because a 6000 deductible, with a 600 premium a month, and if you had a 10,000 illness, you could come out of pocket 7200 for premiums, 6000 deductible, and 4000 remainder you would be responsible for at best 20% – 800.00, not considering things that are just not covered, for a total of $14,000 out of pocket for just one year. If your illness was ongoing, you start over in 6 months. For a person making 48,000 a year, or 4,000.00 a month, and you subtract housing – 1000, automobile with insurance, 350, food for family of 4 – 500.00, utilities – 500, gas for car, 200, school necessities for kids, 150.00, phone(s) 200, television/cable minimum 100, clothes, 200, 600 insurance, 20% of any medical care, – average doctor bill, 200 – 40.00 – you are at the limit of your 4,000.00 a month. There is no way that a family could meet a 6,000 deductible in the course of a year. Using the above scenario, if you make 48,000 and have a catastrophic illness, you would come out of pocket 14,000. Taking that right off the top, leaves you $33,000 to handle a family of four. And, if it were a catastrophic illness, it would bankrupt a family and they would be on the streets hungry. The door is wide open to pay the penalty in taxes. Ludicrous. It has to be a “cafeteria” plan so families have some coverage without the potential to be bankrupt and on the street. We shouldn’t live, work and worry about health insurance. AFFORDABLE Health Care. . . . Not APPALLING Health Care.

Robert Millette on

Have the same plan for all Politicians. Federal and State Senate/ House , Judiciary branches should have exact same choices/ processes and coverage as the private sector.

Lorene on

Include mandatory vision and dental care for adults due to the link between heart disease, cancer and other diseases to dental and vision.