Why Do I Have to Pay 9.5% of my Income Towards Insurance?

According to the math, someone who makes $20,000 a year at most (6.3% credit) should be paying $105 a month on health insurance, while someone (like me) who makes $35,000 a year (with 9.5% credit) has to pay $277 a month on health insurance.

So even though I make less than twice the amount, I have to pay almost three times the amount on insurance?

Not to mention I’m a student and as far as I’m aware, being a student isn’t taken into consideration.

Why do I have to pay 9.5% of my income towards insurance (just insurance, that doesn’t even cover any appointments I actually make, meaning if I never visit the doctor I’m still spending $3,325 a year on nothing)? How is that reasonable?

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