My son is enrolled in his father’s wife’s health insurance by court order. We receive child support until he is 18 years old or graduates from high school. The latter applies. When the child support ends and there is no further court order regarding health care, the does the coverage end, if so, what is the process to obtain health insurance for my son. My coverage is through employer disability and does not offer coverage to any family member.


Whomever claims the dependent for the month in question is responsible for their health coverage. Options are based, at least partially, on income. So if your household income is above the tax filing threshold, then you need to get him coverage. Options based on income can be found on our subsidies page.

If you are responsible for his coverage, you'll want to call HealthCare.Gov at least a month before his coverage would need to start.  They will direct you to file the correct forms in order to trigger a special enrollment period.

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