I am a 19 year old orphan attending college. I work part time, income 104.00 a month. My college tuition is paid by a college fund my father left me. What kind of coverage am I eligible for? I am confused about where or what to apply for. I really can’t afford any kind of premium. Am I eligible for medicaid?


If no one is claiming you as a dependent then you can get Medicaid (if your state expanded) or may be able to get coverage through college.

If you don't have access to Medicaid, it's a little tricker. You are exempt from the fee due to income, but you don't make enough to be eligible for premium tax credits (100% of the Federal Poverty Level minimum in all states).

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Melinda Kausek on

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You need to make it CLEAR that adult children who reside in the parents home (over age 26) will NOT qualify for ANY cost assistance or tax credits due to the fact that they are *not an independent household* because the parent’s income is considered (or any other familial relation resididng there) in addition to whatever little ($10.00 per hour -full time job/no benefits) the adult child earns.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

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Thank you for the suggestion, you are right. If you are claiming your child as a dependent then they are part of your household income and that is what is counted for cost assistance. In a case where someone turns 26 mid-year, they can plan to file independently for the months after they turn 26 (a mid-year change in filing status, same thing in cases of divorce).

At 26 there are lots of tax related reasons for a child to file as single, especially if they have their own income above the Federal Poverty Line. In state’s that expanded Medicaid, their income can be lower and still qualify them for free or low-cost health coverage.