I have never been without a job my entire life until Dec 2013 when I was let go from my company that I was let go from my company that I was with for 11 years due to down sizing.

I found a new job and started Feb 28, 2014, however in the time that I was off I had kidney stones and had to have 2 emergency surgeries one of 2/14/14 and one of 2/21/14 and I had no insurance at this time and was one unemployment.

I have been trying my very best to pay back the debt but I have two outstanding bills from The Urology Group that was turned over to collections and they added an additional 20% to the bills. I now have bills totaling $18,000 in collections and wrecking my credit.


ObamaCare doesn't include help for medical debt, although you can get an exemption from the fee for unpayable medical bills. If you need help with medical debt you should try local charities and other avenues. Check out this link for getting local help with medical debt.

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