If you have an Obamacare policy and now qualify for Medicare as of January 1. What to do now?


To transition from ObamaCare to Medicare you'll simply want to cancel your ObamaCare plan so it ends when your Medicare coverage starts.

So once you sign up during your initial enrollment period and have a start date, you can log into your marketplace account and cancel your Marketplace plan so it ends at the right time and you avoid a coverage gap.

Don't forget to look into supplemental Medicare options. You get an opportunity for all things Medicare during initial enrollment, but you can run into problems down the road if you don't take certain Medicare perks like Part D.

Learn more about ObamaCare and Medicare.

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John Rose on

Not enough detail in how to effectively cancel an ACA subsidized policy. It’s not clear how to do it in detail.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If I had to cancel an healthcare.gov policy my first move would be to call healthcare.gov. It is as easy as going to your profile and hitting cancel or calling your insurer (really depends on your state) but if you get guidance from the marketplace you can have someone to walk you through on the phone and answer questions.

Try this page: https://www.healthcare.gov/how-to-cancel-a-marketplace-plan/