Can You Help me Find the Projected Affordability Form?

I received a letter from you asking me to file the form “Projected Affordability – State Based Marketplace”.

I have extensively searched your entire website for it and cannot find this form. I phoned and asked your representative to send it to me but he said they were not equipped to do so.

I am out of options. Can you please send me a direct link to the form? Otherwise, it is impossible to find.

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You cant help wth things you are even supposed to.


They could be referring to this:

We are not, we are an unofficial non-government related site for information. So we wouldn’t be expected to know everything. In this case i’m sure not exactly sure what form is being referred to?


There is no such form even though the Feds ask for it. You need to write them a letter stating as much as explaining the grounds for your exemption. I got my exemption in a short time after doing so.


The affordability worksheet is in the instructions of form 8965.


do you need to send any proofs with the letter ? is written letter enough to determine your exemption eligibility ?


You don’t have to send proofs of calculating the fee and exemptions, the only proof you need is if you need an ECN to claim certain exemptions. The rest is confirmed by the rest of your tax information.

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