What do I do if I have no job and no money and live in Alabama?


If you have no job and no money you qualify for Medicaid in many states. Alabama did not expand Medicaid, so you may not have coverage options due to the "Medicaid Gap" created by states not participating expanding Medicaid.

As long as you project to make over 100% of the Federal Poverty Level for the next year you can qualify for cost assistance on HealthCare.Gov. Many find plans at that income for less than $50 a month. If you pick a Silver plan you can get generous cost sharing reduction subsidies too.

TIP: If you would have had access to Medicaid, but your state didn't expand, you can get an exemption from the marketplace to obtain catastrophic coverage at a premium. This won't help those without money, but those who are struggling may find catastrophic coverage worth it for them. It won't help many, but I do want to make it clear this is an option.

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Carmen Burchell on

Have no money, no health insurance, .looking for work About a year and a graduate from college. I am 61 of age what shall I do to get health insurance. Please I need information. I lived in Stone Mountain Georgia.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Georgia refused to expand ObamaCare and has left about 400,000 Georgians with no health insurance (Medicaid expansion). ObamaCare was supposed to cover you, but if you can figure out how to make an income of 100% of the poverty level you can still get assistance by using the Marketplace.

You may still have health options through community health centers, charities, and other local assistance options. You can ask for help at a local public hospital and seek care at a local public hospital in an emergency.

ObamaDontCare on

Use public emergency rooms for nonsense things? Talk about worsening the situation. You go to emergency departments for EMERGENCIES. Don’t encourage the type of behavior that abuses the system where hospitals can’t turn you away. It hurts EVRRYBODY.

joanne on

I m 57 my unemployment ran out , looking for work,now I have no money no income and will be fined because I have no healthcare this is all a nightmare

Tom on

No will not be fined. You can’t be fined for not having a job.

Angela Suddreth on

I just lost my job and now I need Insurance but have no job to pay for it with. what can i do?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should be able to move to Medicaid if your state expanded. Apply and get a rejection letter if not. You can get tax credits based on projected income for the year. So if you can pay a little and project to make at least 100% FPL then you should be eligible for tax credits with lots of assistance.

Cecilia Rojas on

How can i get health insurance,?

huh whats this on

Just do your own income tax and omit $695 mo-yr? and let the numbers pile up in the red, if you can’t aford it you can’t aford it.

And seriously a tax for being alive????

illise on

I live in FL and was still refused Medicare because I have no children there for I will be penalized because I have no health coverage u people only won’t money to line your pockets and you don’t care how you get it or how it hearts

Melissa Myers on

I currently work a full time job with insurance. After April 1st , I will no longer be employed due to my externship with my associate degree program that will last 3 months. What shall I do?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If and when you know you will lose coverage apply for marketplace coverage within the special enrollment timeframe.

Shelly Cassels on

Hi. Yes I need help. I do not have a job due taking care of a boyfriend with major disabilities from an accident who has ssi help. He was way to sick I was late to work oversleeping helping him late at night with screaming pains. I have no money no insurance. I myself need insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Public hospitals, local assistance, state medicaid office, and healthcare.gov can all assist you. It doesn’t mean you’ll find a solution, but these are the right avenues.

Javon Nelson on

I’m twenty three years old I’m ADHD I need ins to get medicine

Darlene on

My husband died 2015 I have only a month left to n money to pay my bill trying to get SSD need to find out how to see my dr’s and get my medicine I am only 51 years old and have a lot of health problems and mental illness need help getting health insurance

Melissa Ealey on

I have no money and have lupus. My medications are ready, half of them noW AND THE OTHER HALF will be ready soon,

Nicole on

Hello, I am a 22 year old senior in college, majoring in Education EC-6. This semester I will be a full time intern, meaning I will be working full time with no pay or heath benefits whats so ever. My problem is I really need to see a doctor, but have no insurance because I truly can not afford it. Is there anything that might be of help to me that I am unaware of? I feeling helpless.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Never like to hear a story like that. Options include plans the college offers, short term / traveler’s insurance, and Medicaid (if you live in a state that expanded Medicaid). You can also show up at a public hospital and see if they can help. In an emergency no one is turned away at a public hospital.

Robert wardrope on

I have no insurance I have a triple A AUNURISM and my meds are nearly done watt should I do.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I would call a local public hospital and seek advice. They probably will be best suited to point you in the right direction.

rona on

What part of NO money or No job do you not understand!!!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I know this can be frustrating, and that is why Medicaid is supposed to be expanded to all low income adults in all 50 states. The truth is many states rejected the measure, almost all our GOP led states. There is no good answer because of this, and forces us to constantly finger point at the GOP, who could be enacting their own state-based plans like other GOP states but are instead still fighting without giving their constituents a clear message as to why they wont expand healthcare to them.

I would check with local assistance programs to see if there is something area specific.

Suzanne on

My son has been living out of this country for 2 1/2 years and is 28 coming back to MA and has no job as yet and no health insurance How can he get mass health ? He has no job prospects and no money and hopes to get something part time but will never make a lot

Tom on

Don’t come back to this country. The Republicans don’t care.

Donna Russell on

I have no job and no health insurance what can I do to be able to get health insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Two of your best options are always going to be call healthcare.gov and call your state medicaid department. I would also suggest contacting a local public hospital. Its not that there is no answer, it is that there is a range of answers depending on where you live and your specific situation.

Darryl Kane on

I was terminated from my job in April 2016 after 10 years of service. I got another job but because my feet werea hurting and couldn’t get a shot I had to quit. Now I have no sinsurance and can’t afford to the shots had to quit. I am 59 yrs. I a 59 yrs old what am I to do still want to work but need I a shot.

William Crawford on

Was very helpful

Lisa King on

I have no job and no income. I live in Utah and do not qualify for Medicaid. Now what??

Steven Cook on

If I dont have a job, and not have Market place Ins. Can I get marketplace ins. when I start working after deadline?

Kevin Docy on

In the state of Ohio, is it possible to get health insurance with no money and no job?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yes, Ohio expanded Medicaid. Contact healthcare.gov and they will help. https://www.healthinsurance.org/ohio-medicaid/

William Paul hardin on

I lost my job ,money ran out can’t afford health insurance. Just don’t know what to do.

Erin on

Apply for Medicaid in your state. If you live in a state that has expanded Medicaid, you’ll qualify for it. If your state hasn’t expanded Medicaid, then your denial letter will exempt you from the requirement to have insurance or owing the fee. Also, if your income is below the filing threshold for the year, you’re automatically exempt even if you file in order to get any refundable tax credits you may be eligible for. If you end up being exempt (instead of covered by Medicaid) you can either go without insurance or you can try to find a catastrophic plan which will provide you with certain preventative care (required by ACA) at no cost before deductible and ensure you have cap on out-of-pocket expenses in the worst-case-scenario.

kellie on

How can I get help with seeing a doctor so I can get the medicine that I’m suppose to be taking I’m 46 an unemployed I’ve been looking for a job but can’t find one

Chelsea on

How can I get health insurance without no job, no money and no taxes. I use to babysit, but I guess I got laid off. I need some help please

Erin on

I am too sick to work but turned down for disability in VA. I have zero money and depend on what handouts I can get. I got turned down for Medicaid because I have no children and am not disabled. I am 33 and on the verge of being homeless. Is there no help for me anywhere?

Sharon Wallace on

I have no job no money living with my daughter how do I get insurance with no money . I am 61 years old and have nothing. My daughter can’t buy me insurance she has a family her self. I need help with answers the truth and right answers.we need a system in Alabama if you have no income at all some one should do something about this. To help us. We need a president to stand up for Alabama people and for the weak and poor to have medical attention too. Not just all the White Household and other states getting everything.

Daniel on

I worked last this year in cal but i quit do to health problems move to sisters in oklahoma now working a small job so i could support myself i now have no insuranc and dont make much money…my health is not well..i live in elk city oklahoma and not with much opportunities.im sick but working low pay i have to pay taxes next year i cant afford insurance or even my own place im going to be in dept with gov what can i do. This just makes life realy hard and even worst on my health this is in human and wrong.. Pretty much killing i just have to struggle then die and starve and have to rely on others what do they call this

Des on

i have no job so no steady income will I get penalzed on taxes?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It depends on your total annual household income. If it is above 100% of the poverty level, you generally owe a fee. With that said, there are many exemptions. One exemption is triggered if you make less than 138% of the poverty level and apply for Medicaid and get rejected. You should contact the marketplace so you can better understand your options.

Vickie S. Penney on

I’m 60 years old have no job no insurance trying to get disability but have to go to doc before I go in front of judge having to live with friend because I’m homeless

Colin on

If I don’t have a job can I qualify for Medicaid? I am currently sitting in a jail I need to get rehab and need insurance to go. I haven’t commuted a crime. Just I have been marchmen acted.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Unfortunately the answer depends on which state you live in. See here: https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacares-medicaid-expansion/

Michael on

I have a serious condition that obviously needs to be diagnosed and treated before it gets worse than it already has. I can’t work because of said condition and I can’t get medical care if I can’t work. I live in Texas, so no expanded Medicare… I’ve exhausted every avenue and I don’t know what to do.

Greta Watters on

I applied for social security disability I’m 52 I have a lot of health issues my dr. Has said I can’t work I need insurance bad

J J on

I liked Obama. It’s crazy to give a premium assist from the u.s. gov’t. to folks with a job paying over 100% the poverty level, but NO help if you earn under that 100% benchmark.
And in MANYstates, they will NOT help anyone, who is a ‘childless’adult

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yeah, it wasn’t supposed to be that way, but years of the ACA being fought in the courts has really diminished the ability of the law to function as it was intended. This was one such result.

Donna Hunter on

I am a 59 yr old female turning 60 this year, living North Carolina. I have been unemployed since 2013, no income and no insurance of any kind. Where can I get help?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

North Carolina has not yet expanded Medicaid, thus there are limited options. One option includes community health centers for low cost care https://www.healthcare.gov/community-health-centers/

Another option includes reaching out to look charities and such (or more broadly community programs).

Again, options are limited, and answers are going to be found locally for the most part.

All that said. Calling a public hospital and asking them is always a good call.

Lastly, In emergency situations you should go directly to a hospital and not worry about the lack of insurance.

Constance Bertrand on

im diabetic and I have no insurances I need help I have no income right now I have applied for disability and that’s a waiting prosses and I need to health care really bad I got something wrong with my left arm I cant lift it I need help

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should immediately go to a public hospital (or in a true emergency, any hospital).

Mr Lynn M Jones on

I. Need. Health insurance since. 2010. Been. Out of. Work. Since. 2008years. I. Have. Work for. Variety of. JOBS. From. 1978- 2008. In. NEW YORK STATE. Now I. Moved to. North Carolina state. To. Take care of. My. ILL. Mother.she. Died 2in

ObamaCareFacts.com on

North Carolina did not expand Medicaid, so options are limited. This page should be able to help a bit to give you an idea of what options you may have, but in most cases it depends on what charities in your region offer https://obamacarefacts.com/how-can-i-get-free-healthcare/

PS. New Your is a lot more generous than North Carolina when it comes to healthcare for low income citizens.