Coverage by a Guardian of a Minor Child, What are the Requirements?

My friend is guardian for a child (13 yrs) from her birth (mother died in childbirth) and is asking what the obligations are for insurance coverage for the child. She receives monthly payments from social security for the child but fills in any shortages with her own personal funds. Please advise what her requirements are. Child is very healthy.

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If the parents of two children are divorced and one of the parents has the Obamacare for the children- does that parent have to claim them on their taxes or can the children be shared on deduction for tax purposes? Please advise as I would like to claim a child this year.


My granddaughter is not covered with health insurance by her parents. She is 16 years of age. Mother has legal custody and has health benefits with her current employer. Is this against the law not providing insurance when it is available?


a child is born to unwed parents the mother of the child has nothing to do with the child the father (on birth cert) takes responsibility for the child also insures him with obama care insurance. The grandmother gets a temp order of custody and moves the child out of stated – the father has paid through obama care insurance for the child the entire year. The Grandmother files taxes the following year and claims the child and is penalized $1700.00 for the father ensuring the child for that year that the grandmother is claiming – why?


The person filing for the child is responsible for their health insurance, and they are the ones who should get the tax credits for healthcare for them, and they are the ones who should owe the fee if coverage was not provided.

However, if coverage was provided, then someone else claimed them as a dependent, then that person shouldn’t owe the fee (but the one who covered them is going to have some issues with tax credits).

You may be able to get around this by filing the correct forms (the 8962 and 8965 forms). However, it is a notably complex thing that needs to be done and a tax professional might be the best logical step.

If a child had ACA coverage, but a person owed the fee for them not having coverage, then it is very likely the proper lines and forms were not filled out.

The only other thing I can think is that the Grandmother’s income was too high, and that $1,700 represents tax credits owed back.

The situation is too complex to give a perfect answer to online. So tax professional, official IRS instructions, and are probably the next logical step for you. Good luck!


I have legal guardianship of a minor child. My employer will only cover natural, legally adopted and legally fostered children. His parents are out of state and therefore he does not qualify for State funded child coverage. How can I get coverage for this child? Do I need to buy a policy just for him?


That is a good question without a simple answer. You can purchase a policy for them, otherwise things get complicated. You might want to contact and see if you can get direction from an assister.


I am turning 19 and do not have health insurance. I am a full time college student. My parents are divorced and my mother claims my sister and I on her taxes. We do not have health insurance. Will I have to pay a penalty? When can I enroll in obamacare or is there another option for me?


Whether or not you owe the fee has to do with your taxable income and who you file with. This also affects what coverage options you have. The answers are broad but you can learn more here:

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