I came back from Iraq in 10/14 as I was working there as a contractor. I found 2 part time jobs in December 2014 and have been working without insurance. I was going to get the Obamacare insurance last week, but did not since one of my jobs told me that I will not have the same scheduled days as before. Missed the deadline for signing up, and now my hours are less and need to get insurance for my family. How can I enroll to get insurance thru Obama Care? Please help.


If you didn't get covered during open enrollment, you may qualify for special enrollment. Since you had been given bad information about signing up for the Marketplace, you most likely qualify for a special enrollment period. This isn't a traditional qualification, such as getting bad information from a marketplace assister, but we do feel it will qualify as you were led to believe you couldn't use the Marketplace.

To take advantage of this enrollment period you'll need to contact the Marketplace immediately and attempt to qualify for the special enrollment period.

Also it's worth noting, telling an employee that you will cut their hours if they get coverage, then cutting their hours after the open enrollment deadline, is illegal at worst and bad business practices at best.

PPACA Sec. 1558. Protection for employees. Amends the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure that no employer shall discharge or in any manner discriminate against any employee with respect to his or her compensation, terms, conditions, or other privileges of employment because the employee has received a premium tax credit or for other reasons.

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