How do I Change my Health Care Provider if I Move?

I’m Moving from Washington to Oklahoma. How do I change my provider to one in my area?

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I signed up for health care and you gave a Dr. 45 minutes away from my home. I need a Dr. closer to my home. I have not needed medical care for a while, but now I do. I will not make a trip to Crittenden KY from Covington KY. Please give me a my address. Please advise.


You would call your health insurance provider or state medicaid office depending on your coverage type to address this.


I moved from Worcester County to Barnstable County and need to change from Tufts to another plan that will cover me in Barnstable County. I’m on Mass Health, Medicare and Medicaid.


If you are on a dual Medicare/Medicaid plan then you need to change your plan with the help of a broker. Your best bet is to take care of this through


I moved from one city to another and i need to switch plans

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