Can I Use Marketplace if Cheapest Plan For Me Is More than 9.56% MAGI?

9.56% Rule Violation due to lower plan not available for out of state worker and if dropping unaffordable healthcare(9.56% rule) is special event.

My company is based in GA but I live and work at a facility in NJ. They offer two types of insurance, Blue Essential, which is exactly 9.56% of my income, and a PPO which is 11%. Blue Essential of BCBSGA appears to only be available for GA residents so obviously had to join the PPO. After looking up quotes, I would save over $110 a month with a silver plan and have better benefits or get a gold plan with the subsidy based on my income. Question is two fold, while the lowest plan available to be is lower than 9.56%, I would not benefit from it since I am in another state, and might outright be ineligible for it, can I then drop my work insurance and get a subsidy based on my income? If then my PPO does violate the 9.56% rule, and I have no cheaper option, does dropping my employer sponsored health insurance trigger a special life changing event allowing me to enroll immediately, or must I wait for open enrollment?

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