I have been insured for all of 2015 so far. However, I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with my current provider (Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ), and want to change to a plan purchased through Obamacare. Would I qualify for a special enrollment period in this situation?

The other thing is, there is a good chance that I will be moving (from New Jersey to North Carolina) in September. If I keep my current insurance until I move, would I qualify for a special enrollment period after I arrive in North Carolina?

Thanks so much in advance for your response!


You can't switch plans outside of open enrollment unless you have a qualifying life event that qualifies you for special enrollment. Qualifying life events include moving (in or out of state), you can see a list of other qualifying life events here.

Make sure to enroll up to 30 days before the qualifying life event to have coverage that starts on or close to the date the old coverage ends to avoid gaps in coverage. Make sure to cancel your old plan due to moving and not let your old plan end due to non-payment. Letting a plan end due to non-payment may prevent you from qualifying for special enrollment.

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Leslie Popefka on

I have obamacare via Rhode Island, but I just moved to NJ on June 18. I’d like to know how to apply here in NJ before I drop RI but also, I am job hunting for September (schools) and there is no guarantee I won’t switch states if I landed a job. Probably not but maybe. How should I go about this? I must be covered as I am ill and need to get set up with another doctor no more than two months out. I am very low income and have no co pays. If nothing else, please tell me how to apply in NJ and how long it could take, and if I have to cancel RI altogether before applying or can I hold onto it until NJ comes through.