Regístrese a ObamaCare: Plazo para el registro a ObamaCare

Cómo Registrarse para tener Seguro Médico bajo la Ley de Cuidados de la Salud Asequibles (Affordable Care Act) Para registrarse a ObamaCare encuentre el mercado de seguros de su estado, regístrese e inscríbase. Realice su registro para ObamaCare durante el registro abierto. Las instrucciones para registrarse, los detalles sobre cuotas, excepciones, periodos de registro e inscripción, e… Read More

Subsidios de ObamaCare

Subsidios de ObamaCare en el Mercado de Seguros Médicos de su Estado Los subsidios de ObamaCare pueden ahorrarle dinero en sus primas y pagos adicionales. Los subsidios de ObamaCare solo están disponibles a través del Mercado de seguros, veamos que son los subsidios, cómo funcionan y cómo los puede aplicar para lograr un seguro médico… Read More

ObamaCare Birth Control

ObamaCare covers one type of birth control per person from each of 18 FDA-approved categories at no out-of-pocket cost, although some plans have exemptions. This page will tell you what kinds of birth control are covered, which health plans have exemptions, how to get free birth control under the Affordable Care Act, and how to get help… Read More

Medicaid Estate Recovery Facts and Myths

If you are 55 or older and receive Medicaid, the state can use estate recovery and liens to recover any and all Medicaid costs, but the practice is rare. Let’s look at the facts and myths behind Medicaid estate recovery, who it applies to, and the involvement (or non-involvement of the ACA). The gist (in… Read More

HRAs, FSAs, and Employer Healthcare Arrangements

Employers can use Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Employer Payment Plans, and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to save money on healthcare. We take a look at healthcare arrangements to find out how they can benefits employers and employees alike. We will also look at how they affect employer and employee taxes and penalties. It’s important to understand… Read More

Self-Employed Health Insurance

ObamaCare and Health Insurance for the Self-Employed The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has some important implications for how the self-employed go about obtaining, maintaining, and paying for health coverage. If you’re self-employed, most of the healthcare provisions in the ACA apply to you.  Let’s take a look at how you’re affected by ObamaCare, how you can reduce the cost of coverage, and how… Read More

Vision Insurance

Affordable Care Act Vision Coverage Vision insurance generally isn’t covered under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  However, pediatric eye care is a required benefit included on all plans that qualify as minimum essential coverage under the ACA. Even though adult vision coverage isn’t a required benefit of ObamaCare, “vision health” is still an important aspect… Read More

Vaccine Facts: Facts & Myths on Vaccination

Get the facts on vaccines. Should we vaccinate our children, should I get the flu shot, what are the risks, pros, cons, and myths? We uncover the truth. FACT: The flu vaccination and other vaccinations are covered at no out-of-pocket cost on all major medical plans under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). That means if you… Read More

30 Hour Work Week Am I Covered?

My daughter has worked 30 hours a week for a large company since Jan. 2014. She was not given health care coverage by the company so she has been buying insurance as an individual. I was told that beginning in Jan. 2015, a company is responsible for providing health care coverage for those working 30… Read More

ObamaCare Exemptions List

A list of ObamaCare’s Exemptions, including Hardship Exemptions, you can apply for in order to qualify for Special Enrollment or be exempt from the fee can be found below. This page just covers the basics, see our page on ObamaCare Exemptions for further details on exemptions and the fee (active on plans held in 2014 –… Read More

Employer Shared Responsibility Payment

Starting in 2015, employers who don’t offer qualifying coverage, will make a Employer Shared Responsibility Payment. Get simplified instructions on the fee below. This page covers employer responsibility under the ACA and the payment. For more details see Employer Mandate. What is Shared Responsibility? Shared Responsibility is part of the ACA’s Title I. Subtitle F—Shared Responsibility for… Read More

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