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Obama’s Job Approval Rating Continues to Climb. A Quick Inside Look at President Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Rating and How This May Effect The 2012 Election.

Apr. 27, 2012

It’s official Obama’s approval rating is up 50% over Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s approval rating. Gallup report Obama’s job approval rating is isn’t just up, his disapproval rating is down to 44% which is a big step forward for the president, as his approval rating had dropped significantly to the low to mid 40’s since a spike around May ’11. As you can see on the chart below from gallup the presidential job approval rating / job disapproval rating has never been closer together.

What Does ObamaCare Have to Do With Presidential Job Apporval Ratings?

Obama’s job approval rating is a good indicator of the people’s response to Obamacare. If you look at the daily polls and cross check them against what is in the news, you can get a good idea of the impact of hot button issues on the president’s approval rating… and of course if Romney wins the election… we’ll someone is going to have to start running Romney-Care Facts. Of course this site isn’t about OBAMA… It’s about CARE.

Mitt Romney Approval Rating

While the recent job approval poll is great news for President Obama is bad news for Mitt Romney approval ratings and great news for President Obama and the democratic party.

Why Does the Presidents Approval Rating Fluctuate

Approval ratings are always going up and down, this depends on many factors from the price of gas, to the latest buzz, to hot button issues, to speeches, and of course just the mood of the country. Recently the Obama Committee and the Democrats have been making a stronger push to get things done and appeal to the public. They have stopped trying to please the republicans, and started following through with his promise for change. Obamacare is a great example of this.

What Does the Future Hold

At the moment Obama has a big lead. If Obamacare and other hot button issues continue to work in his favor, and Americans continue to see change and improvement it’s going to be a long hard road for Romney. On the other hand if Romney can pull together the republican party and appeal to centrists he could be giving Obama a run for his money.


Barack Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Rating Keeps Climbing As the Election Draws Near.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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