Biden’s “Bidencare” (a plan to expand the Affordable Care Act) could mean more cost assistance and coverage as the Biden administration builds on ObamaCare and rolls back Trump policy.

Biden’s Bidencare plan is big and bold and is basically an ObamaCare 2.0. It includes popular ideas like expanding cost assistance but doesn’t include unpopular ideas like bringing back the mandate.

Now that Biden is in office, and with Democrats controlling the House and Senate, BidenCare becomes a lot more likely. It may not all come at once, and it may not carry a memorable name, but it is very likely that we will see ObamaCare built on under Biden, and that likely means more generous subsidies for more Americans and more coverage options.

To really get a sense of what is coming though, you should check out our review of Bidencare as currently presented.

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Allan Wier on

Do not bring back the mandate! They have no true way to tell what families can afford and this could sink people that can’t afford it. Currently, Obamacare costs us more per month than the mortgage on our house. We have a junky car and will have a hard time purchasing a better vehicle because of other expenses. Plus, I am 17 years older than my wife, still have children in school and I am already on Medicare. The rest of my family is on Obamacare but they include my income to pay for their insurance when I am already paying into Medicare Part B so I am getting a double whammy paying for insurance. We have had to sacrifice and get rid of some expenses already to pay for this insurance. We really considered not paying for it and if it goes up more we will drop it. No way can you force people to pay for insurance when you have no idea about what people can and can’t afford.