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I am a self employed 31 year old college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My income is slowly climbing as I work hard to build my business in the entertainment industry, but had never been able to consider purchasing health insurance of any kind due to it’s astronomical costs prior to Obamacare. Once I looked into Obamacare, I came to learn I could finally obtain a basic health insurance plan thanks to it’s tax credit system that affects people like myself with lower incomes. It has enabled me to have Health Insurance for the first time since I lived with my parents as a child.

Additionally, my father was a victim of the old health care system in place under the Bush administration. As a Biotech Engineer, he had an excellent job and what appeared to be excellent benefits. Upon a terrible bicycle accident that left him mostly paralyzed, in horrible pain, and in a wheel chair, the healthcare premiums ruined my family’s financial security. We lost all our savings and most of our assets paying the hospital bills. What was the insurance for if an accident still ruined our families financial security? Having been dropped by our provider after several years, we couldn’t afford my father’s rehab or medications. They hung my father out to dry when he needed them most. He passed in 2008… Obamacare has been a commendable attempt to rectify a previously horrible healthcare system that abandoned it’s sick and injured in their most dire days. I have seen it firsthand with the case of my father.

Obamacare, though not a perfect system, has helped me personally, would likely have helped my father, and no doubt, has helped many others. Many citizens lives and livelihood are in the hands of those who aim to alter the medical system. There is still important work to be done to care for the citizens of this great country, but it must be done with their health and best interests as the highest priority. I advocate for a single payer system that provides basic health coverage for all citizens.

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