…Had Kaiser plan thru CC, then received a letter saying i was dropped for non-payment, I checked my bank records and was able to come up with proof/tracking number etc that i had indeed payed thru my online bill pay.

Sent proof of this to Kaiser, spent HUGE amounts of time over the phone with them, having to retell the story over and over. The one occasion that they called me back was only to say “fax your complaint/documents to this fax #” After 5 months, i got a letter saying “we have located your payment of $234.90, and you now have a credit of $234.90, please allow us 6-8 weeks to process your refund” They said they ‘reviewed my case and found the payment” but stated nothing about what happened in the first place. Clerical error i guess…No more info given other than “we owe you money back'” My Covered California guy that signed me up said “regretfully, they aren’t likely to reinstate your policy, as it’s closed until January 2017..

As a small business owner, i have yet to see how this will affect my taxes this year, or whether i am liable for a penalty for not having insurance, even though it wasn’t my choice to go uncovered.

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