I unexpected developed several life-threatening health conditions at the age of 59. I had planned on working into my seventies, both because I wanted to increase the size of my retirement funds and because I wanted to be part of a social group while working. But because of health issues, I was incapable of working. I am still unable to work, though I’m hoping that I can continue to improve and at least work part time sometime either late this year or next year.

Because of Obamacare I have been able to get insurance and essential medications. Without assistance in getting insurance and with the medical conditions that I have, my insurance would either have been unaffordable without Obamacare or I would have been turned down completely. For those law makers who passed Obamacare, let me just say: Thank you! For those who want to repeal Obamacare, let me just ask: What do you plan to put in its place? I’m horrified that so many people just want to end it, but have no real idea of how to keep the people who have become insured under Obamacare. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that if you end Obamacare, I could well die. Please think of the consequences of your decisions.

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