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Hi I would like to point out a HUGE problem with the health care as it stands. My question is “what can I do about getting it changed?” I’m sure your answer will be “absolutely nothing…good luck.” but I’ll ask anyway.

My husband and I are low income. when he was working for an employer that didn’t offer insurance to spouses I qualified for $20.00 insurance and a $200.00/ month subsidy. Now he has a new job….SAME PAY as his last job…NO INCREASE IN INCOME.

The difference is they offer insurance to spouses for $500.00 per month. His insurance is not more than 10% of his income but mine is crazy expensive….so now I automatically no longer qualify for any subsidy…My two choices are now to pay 100/month in penalty for no insurance or 220.00/month for insurance with a 6,000 deductible.

My husband and I were breaking even financially before we were forced to pay for healthcare. I never voted on this and shouldn’t be forced to purchase insurance if I don’t have money for it. $220.00 per month is taking food out of my children’s mouth and I have no say in the matter.

I have talked with my husbands employer and they are in the same boat as us…if they make any changes to their plan this year they are no longer grandfathered in so their prices will go so high they will no longer be able to offer insurance to anyone.

The problem needs to change with the law so don’t tell me to talk to the employer. Tell OBAMA he has taken food out of my children’s mouths to pay for healthcare that I don’t want to have.

FROM OBAMACAREFACTS.COM: If self-only coverage through an employer costs more than 9.5% of household income then you qualify for Marketplace subsidies. So in this case you should qualify (assuming $500 a month is far beyond 9.5% of total household income considering the subsidy you quoted). Your husband won’t qualify  since he has an affordable employer plan. Learn more about affordable coverage and affordability based exemptions. The best advice is to read the linked page and then to call HealthCare.gov (or your state’s Marketplace) for clarification on how this applies to you. You may have to have the employer fill out a form for the Marketplace.

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