My parents have to use obamacare because they are not 65 yet. They have been over charged because the market place did not turn their information in on time. They had their bank account over drawn due to their premium being more than they were told and it being directly withdrawn (of the higher amount) without being notified of the new amount. Then when they try to use the insurance, it won’t cover having an ingrown toenail removed and my mom can’t get shots in her bad knees due to the Dr not taking their insurance. What’s the purpose of obamacare? It cost too much. It’s to complicated for regular people to figure out on their own. It doesn’t cover sqwat. Poor people qualify for Medicaid, rich people can afford whatever, working class people get screwed. Obamacare should regulate the insurance companies and the medical facilities increasing the cost of medical/health care, not the people needing quality healthcare.

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