How Obama Care Negatively Affected my Best Friend – Story

My best friend had a harsh life and has worked hard all her life. Two years ago she was diagnose with Cancer when things finally settle down for her. She has been through surgery and treatments and is on so many medication for all her symptoms everyday. She pay top for her insurance and they were able to cover most of her cost.

After Obama Care went into affect. Her insurance no longer pays for most of the medication that she needs to be on. Her doctor tried to change different brand and generic brand in order to make it affordable. But all the other generic brand caused her symptoms to be worse and she was told by her doctor if it persists it may cause her illness to take a side turn and the side affects of these generic brand might cause other cancer to arise.

Obama Care helps those with low income and were not previously able to qualify for insurance. I’ve seen this for a fact. By not restricting what the insurance company can cut coverage for, it is negatively affects the average income household that pays their taxes in time and is living paycheck to paycheck.

Before with insurance coverage she pays from copay $30.00 for one medicine out of 5 or more each month. Now after much struggle the insurance will to cover for one medicine. She will now have to pay $5000.00 per month for one medicine that use to cost her $30. If she does not pay she has to continue taking the generic brand that is making her condition even worse.

Who is helping her?

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I have had nothing but a bad time with Obamacare. I am the mother of 2 healthy teen boys. My insurance plan has been changed 3 times in 3 years. I have had to change doctors and may face doing that again because I can’t find an affordable plan. What used to cost us $900 /month for a family of 4 now costs us $1600/month. We are a middle income family but don’t have company insurance because I only work part-time and my husband is an entrepeneur. This is killing us and we are trying to set aside money for college. This cost makes it nearly impossible since it eats up a good part of our budget. WE do no qualify for subsidies. Medical costs have increased – a blood draw for my son in May was $74.25. The same blood draw was $206.25 in July at the same hospital due to annual price increase adjustments. Our copays are higher across the board and prescription drugs that used to be covered are no longer covered. This website is a bunch of flippin’ BS. Why are so many exchanges closing and costing so much more than they were originally budgeted for? Wake up America! This is bad for everybody.


You are right, even at over $100,000 a year in MAGI $1,600 is going to be expensive… especially with out-of-pocket costs factored in. If your hospital is jacking up prices make sure to price shop. You’d be surprised by the discrepancy in pricing. Also if you haven’t done so already, consider the benefits of an HSA for someone in your position. They work well for those with slightly higher incomes and families.


I feel for her so much. It is for this exact reason that I have given up. I am currently under hospice care. My meds would cost me over 20k a month to stay alive. I cannot get medicaid and I cannot afford 20k a month. My only option is to leave this world and hope for a better afterlife.


God bless your soul. I will be there with you soon. Maybe there is a program in heaven where you don’t have to return to this hell-hole.
I send love and prayers to you.


No one is listening and doing nothing. Congress idoits are chicken and have no balls or brains. Yes i’M PISSED OFF PEOPLE ARE DIEING AND THE FREAKING MEDIA DOES NOT REPORT THE TRUTH ON ANYTHING IF IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEIR EVIL OBAMA. I HATE THIS MAN AND HOPE SOON THEY IMPEACH HIM BUT CONGRESS LIKE I Said are chickens and or in bed with him disgusting perverts and evil people and people are dieing without health care because lots of them are going out of business or you can’t find a doctor in the stupid network. Oh and my friend who is on medicare can’t find a descent dr. yet where have gone to. Don’t blame I would not work for no descent pay. You can bet Congress or Senators would quit asap if they didn’ty right their on paycheck or laws for their salary. And then are still doing inside tradeing and NO ONE Gives a damn to stop it our government is corrupt to the core!!


Another good bit of advice is to get the doctor to tell the insurer that the non-generic is medically necessary. In this instance the insurer might agree to at least count the money paid toward the drug towards the deductible. As long as a drug is covered in network it will work to pay down cost sharing amounts. Once a person reaches their out-of-pocket maximum for the year they won’t pay for any more covered in-network services up to the allowed amounts until the next policy period.


Are you stupid or something they are not going to do that period. Doctors now do not care or the insurance do not care or Obama the evil one does not care!!


the fact is that people can afford those types of coverages. The prices are just to high. I agree $600 a month for insurance with no benefits to the that person. Is just taking a toll on us barely making it. Rent is increasing, food is increasing, What are we to do? Something has to give.


Really sorry to hear this. Certainly making it so insurance companies can’t deny people for preexisting conditions (cancer being high on that list) and limiting what insurers can charge along with offering subsidies (resulting in literally tens of millions covered over the next few years) has left some insurers finding ways to cut costs.

One thing that happens is that all plans must offer essential benefits (like cancer treatment and related drugs). If an insurer can offer a generic instead of brandname it just might.

If the generic is NOT working and the doctor confirms this then the insurer should be authorizing a different generic or the brandname. If the insurer won’t cover the “essential” medication then their decision should be appealed.

This is difficult, on one hand your friend is having struggles under the new law. On the other hand for the foreseeable future people just like your friend who would have been swept under the rug will get treated for cancer both after and before it happens. Your friend is paying more for a drug, but millions will save money finding health insurance and healthcare affordable for the first time.

A suggestion, beyond the appeal, might be for her to look for a plan on her state’s Marketplace with rock solid drug coverage. Something that covers the drugs she needs. If nothing is on the exchange try going direct to an insurer. If the insurer doesn’t offer anything… Well this is a problem. We would have to assume the drug manufacturer is not happy about this.

With healthcare in America there are a lot of moving pieces. That means lots of ways to improve things. One of those ways is with healthcare reform like the ACA, but that doesn’t mean the ACA is perfect. There is still lots of work to do. Thank you for sharing.


You are soooo naive. Big Pharma, wants to kill all of us that don’t have the money to pay for their drugs. Do you know that you can get them from Canada so much cheaper, but the “banks” recently stopped you from using a debit or credit card to get them? What a bunch of $#%@! Whomever ok’d that is a corrupt politician, and needs to be struck down by the wrath of God.
There is a Dr. in Houston who can cure cancer. It is painless and no side effects. He has a proven record. They keep taking him to court because they want to throw him in jail because “Big Pharma” wants his patent. (You can’t be incarcerated and have a U.S. patent). His name is Burzynski. Watch his movie, “Cancer is a serious business”. I guess it is ok for him to cure a CIA agent and the son of the King of Saudi Arabia from cancer, but not ok for him to help the “little guy”. They have been trying to lock him up since 1975, but his patients testify in his behalf and donate to his lawyers. Watch it and open your eyes! My question is…What is government going to do when all the slaves are dead from government abuse? Who is going to clean their houses or watch their children? Maybe they can use robots? This has gone too far!


Often the truth is somewhere in between the worst case scenario in your head and the idealism of those who think nothing is wrong. The truth is almost less nefarious, less complex, and more logical than one would suspect think. Often what was think of is conspiracy is actually nothing more than (mostly) uncoordinated, amoral, self interest. Word of advice, don’t dismiss anything you hear, but don’t take another person’s takeaway as gospel either.

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