Medicaid Expansion Story

Im 59 years old And i have been working every since i was 12 years old i had started a small business to help people in the community who couldnt afford to take thair vehicle to the shop i woyld even come to them where thay broke down at weel one night when i was working of a vehicle in the community I was Rob jump on beaten and left in an allie to die when someone passing by found me and dial 911 and got me some help frim that point on i have sizers memory loss and im not able to perform work anymore im force on disability. And as painful is that may sound im of medicaid which offers no dental coverage so i have been suffing with dental sickness for over 3

– L From Texas

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Sorry to hear that L. Glad you are able to get some of the help you need, but it’s unfortunate that you are unable to get help with such an important aspect of your health.

Medicaid expansion helps ensure all adults who need it are covered. Some states even offer dental to adults. Dental care is just as important as taking care of any other part of your body. We as a country need to push states like Texas who don’t provide dental and didn’t expand Medicaid to look beyond costs and think about the value of having a healthy happy population.

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