If you have a marketplace plan from last year, or just want coverage that will start by Jan 1, 2015, you’ll need to go to HealthCare.Gov by Dec 15, 2014.

It’s open enrollment and that means the Health Insurance Marketplace is open for business.  Here are your open enrollment options.

• If you have a plan from last year it may auto-renew or you may be renewed in a similar plan.  Sign in and double check to make sure you get to choose your plan for 2015!

• You can change plans during open enrollment or add a family member.

• If you have cost assistance from last year that may auto-renew or you may be renewed in similar assistance.  Since this is based on your projected income for 2015 you’ll want to verify your info is up to date.

• If you don’t already have a plan you have until Dec 15 to get coverage that starts Jan 1.  The latest date to enroll for 2015 is Feb 15, 2015.

• You can also use the marketplace to see if you qualify for Medicaid.

• If you miss the deadline you could qualify for special enrollment due to certain life circumstances.

Remember the marketplace is the only place to get cost assistance, but lots of insurance types will protect you from the fee.

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