How the ACA saved me $-4032

I had insurance with Humana – PPO plan covered 100% expenses after i paid $3060 for the insurance and I paid $5000 for the deductable. My out of pocket cost per year $3060 + $5000 = $8060
Humana cancelled my plan and now offers the same plan on the ACA site for $6072 for the insurance and $6300 deductable = $12,372.
Old plan cost per year = $8060
New plan cost per year=$12,372
yearly increase (policy and deductable) =$4032
Insurance policy cost increase(policy only) = $3012
Bottom line ACA priced me out out heath care – will look to Mexico

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We have a similar situation. Before my company converted to an ACA-compliant plan I paid $7,200 for a family plan that covered almost everything at 100%, with low, low deductibles. After the ACA-compliant plan I pay $14,000 a year with high deductibles and co-pays. We do not qualify for any ACA tax breaks. I do like Obama, but he committed a lie of omission–make the middle class pay for everyone else.


In theory we are all supposed to be paying for everyone else, goes back to social contract theory. The middle-class isn’t supposed to be carrying the burden, the top needs to pay their fair share. I’m sure you have heard this message loud and clear from many democrats. The system isn’t perfect, but we need to come together and make it better.

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