Save American Workers Act Facts

The Save American Workers Act changes the definition of full-time workers so fewer employers have to comply with ObamaCare’s employer mandate. Let’s take a look at the legislation, why it was passed in the House, why it won’t pass the Presidents desk, what effects it has, data on part-time hours and job loss, and some alternatives… Read More

Supreme Court ObamaCare | Ruling on ObamaCare

A Summary of Supreme Court Cases Pertaining to the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court ObamaCare; ObamaCare has been taken to the Supreme Court once already for repeal. Aside from ObamaCare’s Supreme Court rulings, the Affordable Care Act has seen over 50 repeal attempts by the house and senate. IMPORTANT UPDATE: A Texas federal judge ruled the Affordable Care… Read More

ObamaCare Lawsuits

Updates on ObamaCare Related Lawsuits: Subsidies, NFIB, Hobby Lobby, John Boehner, and More. Get updates on ObamaCare related lawsuits and find out how a series of lawsuits targeting ObamaCare’s key provisions have shaped the health care law. Below is a breakdown of each lawsuit against ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) and its outcome. Please follow… Read More

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