My question is that i thought obamacare was supposed to be cost friendly to those who couldn’t afford health care. How is it that if I’m making less than 1500 a month…. i gotta dish out between 350-400+ this health care… hows that work!!


Many states rejected expanding Medicaid. This means those with low incomes are priced out of Marketplace cost assistance, but make too much for Medicaid. You must make at least 100% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify for cost assistance. For people who do qualify for cost assistance health insurance can't cost more than 2% - 9.5% of your household income per person.

To the above, if you are single then you actually do qualify for cost assistance (however if you file with a family you may be just under the 100% poverty level).

Persons in
2014 Federal
Poverty Level threshold
100% FPL
1 $11,670
2 $15,730
3 $19,790
4 $23,850
5 $27,910
6 $31,970
7 $36,030
8 $40,090


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Beth on

Health insurance and costs are soooo bad since obamacare was implemented… its quite obvious. Wish i could take back my presidential vote and change it. Im pregnant about 4 months and havent even been to a OB because my family out of pocket maximum through employer is so high. I gross about 2800 a month and we are a family of 3. USA is ratex at the bottom of health care systems in developed countrys, this is a fact, and yet we are the most expensive. Yet i continue to see people who wont get a job continue to get everything like healthcare and such for free when im working myself to death with excessive overtime just to get by. Everyone has many other bills besides healthcare…

John on

Where do people come up with this notion that $31,970 is a livable income for a family with 4 kids (6 in the household) I don’t know how some of you look yourselves in a mirror. You just want struggling families to keep struggling. Only a certain select few should be able to live the American dream. The most corrupt country and government in the history of the world. “We care about our country and fellow Americans”. No you don’t. You care about yourselves only. Absolutely ridiculous.

Nick on

My first question would be why does one have 4 kids if they only make 32k annually. Then my question would be why would the country support that ideology…? on

So… he should be regulating his family size based on income? This is some mixed messaging going on here.

karla on

the poverty level amounts are a joke. those need to be raised to reflect the true cost of poverty. 11k for 1 person? how the hell can a person rent, travel to work, pay utilities, food and insurance costs in addition to health co pays and other incidentals?

Bill Maher on

Republicans are poor, smoke, drink, don’t use condoms and work on a Roundup-soaked landlocked farm. They need the ACA more than ever as well as farm subsidies because most do not understand farming. It’s a shame you voted against your own self interest.

Erin on

The statistics on this are interesting actually. Making a presumption that most Republican voters this election cycle are from rural areas and Southern states (which I think is a fair assessment): Rural America and the hospitals that are in those areas have received a ton of assistance: Medicaid (for those states that expanded), Community Health Center grants, and cost assistance for marketplace insurance. However, those regions were also the hardest hit by insurers dropping out (leaving only 1 or 2 choices for insurance) and saw the largest increases in premiums. Many states in the South and with high rural populations didn’t expand Medicaid and that left many in a position of still not having insurance and afraid they owe the fee (though if they would have qualified for Medicaid had the state expanded, a denial letter qualifies them for an exemption). In addition, many are being offered employer sponsored insurance that prevents them from being eligible for tax credits and cost assistance through the marketplace. These folks are stuck in a Family Affordability Glitch because the ACA defines “affordability” for employer sponsored coverage as being less than 9.56% of the families income for ONLY the employees coverage. It doesn’t take into consideration the cost of covering the whole family and many would argue that 9.56% of family income is not actually affordable. Thus, it’s been a mixed bag for populations most would consider Republican voters.

Nick on

This comment is pathetic… What interesting speculations you developed.

liz on

my single student and working children were denied Medicaid. we were denied medicaid. Obamacare is affordable to them but not for us. hope future employers can help is get affordable insurance

William Courchaine on

My wife and I bring in about $2630 per month, but the ACA wants a $423 premium each month. That is 16% of our income. Way too expensive; cannot afford! Besides that, my wife is the only one who needs coverage, I am fully covered by the Veterans Administration. Why can’t my wife get coverage not using my social security of $955 per month? Our incomes should be considered separate in this case!

Terry on

I agree 30k a year is bearly enough for a family of 2 now days, not to mention having to pay almost as much as your rent every month for insurance. Please fix this system how is “the affordable care act” an affordable care Act?

God on

Fucking stupid bullshit.

Jeff on

Republican governors refused to accept the Medicaid Expansion for spite, because
they didn’t like Obama.
Why is the press not reporting about this issue. If all the Governors would have accepted the Medicaid Expansion and the prices would have been out of control than Obamacare
is a problem but that’s not the case.
As usual the Republicans never tell the truth. They are so worried about the cost of Obamacare for the American people but giving tax breaks to the their rich friends doesn’t seem to be a problem. Does anybody really believe the rich need a hand out?

Poor and Unhealthy on

The rate hikes in my state have absolutely nothing to do with Medicaid. I live in a blue state. Obamacare is way too expensive and even if you have it, it doesn’t cover anything and there is a huge deductible. You might as well burn $500 a month in the fireplace. I am a liberal also, by the way, and I am very annoyed that all we get from Dem leadership about healthcare is evasion. You guys have gutted the middle class.