Where Can I Find the Lowest Cost Bronze Plan?

Directed by IRS material to use lowest cost bronze plan for computation to complete tax question and answer regarding
healthcare line. I do not find that amount and would appreciate the information so I can complete my tax report to send
to IRS.

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I found the lowest cost bronze plan for 2015, but I need the 2016 as well. Thank you very much


Excellent, big help.


The listed website does NOT provide the information. For my state, Washington, I am directed to the Washington Health Plan Finder, but it has NOTHING for 2015. Calls to that organization provide no answers either. Only information about costs of plans for 2016 is available. Where can I get info about 2015’s bronze and silver plans in WA State for determining exemption on my 2015 tax form, based on affordability?


Open enrollment officially ended on January 31st, 2016. We have a WA health plan page, but HealthCare.Gov will take you there when you put in your state. The issue isn’t the site, it’s that you missed open enrollment.

You should look into what to do if you missed the deadline: https://obamacarefacts.com/missed-deadline-obamacare/


to get the cost of the bronze plan you must go to your state’s healthcare site and complete the obamacare enrollment process?


Essentially, with that said, they offer tiered plans outside the marketplace (they just don’t qualify for cost assistance). So per the advice on the page, we are suggesting marketplace plans only.

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