My husband and I applied for and received ObamaCare about a year ago. However we have a daughter, currently 22 and going to college, that isn’t covered. She was away at school when we applied, so we were wondering what we could do to get her under our insurance/ObamaCare?


If a family member wasn't added to a family plan during open enrollment they won't be until next open enrollment unless they qualify for special enrollment. If a child under 26 wasn't added because they were away at school they qualify for special enrollment when they move back home, or in the case they were covered under a university plan losing that plan triggers special enrollment.

Your best bet would be to apply for special enrollment at HealthCare.Gov to add the family member to your plan.

As a side note, if a child files taxes as single and has a low income they may qualify for Medicaid which they can enroll in 365 days a year. This is a good solution for some families who missed open enrollment and have someone under 26 in the family without health coverage.

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Brenda Freeman on

My daughter is 25 and is currently on my health plan through my work. When she turns 26 in April, can she enroll in Obamacare at that time?

Erin on

She will be eligible for a Special Enrollment period when she turns 26 and will be able to apply through the state or federal marketplaces.