As a US citizen living abroad, how do I enroll in Obamacare? forces me to choose my US state of residence. I tried selecting Massachusetts and using a family member’s address in Massachusetts, but then  correctly rejects my home address.


To enroll in ObamaCare you have to live in the US. That means you need to file taxes here and have a residence. You would use that residence. If you are moving back to the US, when you move it will trigger a Special Enrollment Period. You can use the new address to enroll.

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Julie Greene on

I am a bona fida resident of a foreign country for more than 330 days of the year, so I understand that I am exempt. However, my young daughter spends 3 months each summer in California with her grandparents. Does she need to apply? Can she apply and pay for only 3 months? on

Yes generally you have that right, she enrolls when she is here and takes exemptions when she isn’t. It’s a little complicated in this situation so look closely at exemptions and how that 330 day rule other other exemptions can apply.