US Citizen Living Abroad, How do I Enroll in Obamacare?

As a US citizen living abroad, how do I enroll in Obamacare? forces me to choose my US state of residence. I tried selecting Massachusetts and using a family member’s address in Massachusetts, but then  correctly rejects my home address.

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I am a bona fida resident of a foreign country for more than 330 days of the year, so I understand that I am exempt. However, my young daughter spends 3 months each summer in California with her grandparents. Does she need to apply? Can she apply and pay for only 3 months?


Yes generally you have that right, she enrolls when she is here and takes exemptions when she isn’t. It’s a little complicated in this situation so look closely at exemptions and how that 330 day rule other other exemptions can apply.

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