Is there a requirement for employers to track the number of FT and PT employees so that they can comply with having 50+ employees.


Under ObamaCare, Employers count full-time equivalent hours (part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc). If the average is over 50 they must provide coverage.

In order to get that average an employer would count full-time employees and then use a reasonable method for crediting part-time hours.

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James on

I work for a small company however there are more than 50 full time employees a probably a half dozen part time employees. Is the company required to offer insurance to the wartime employees. typically the part time kids work 25 -30 hours per week on

Only people who work over 30 on average or over 130 in a month need to be offered coverage. This has to be a steady trend over months, not just a one time thing. So, the answer is, it depends on specifics.