Can I Get ObamaCare with F2 Visa?

I would like to know if it’s possible to enroll from Brazil to get covered. I’m going to live in USA for a year (2015/2016) and I need a healthcare which includes assistance for women that is soon to be pregnant. My visa will be F-2. Thanks

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Deviprasad Boggupalli

Hi, I am on F1 visa, and Indian. My wife is here and on F2 visa. I am planning to buy health insurance for her. What are her best options? I personally have United healthcare insurance specified under University System of Georgia, and my university pays for me. I can add her to my plan, but it’s going to be very expensive. please let me know my options.


I general adding a second member to a plan can often be a good move. Next year there will be no penalty for not having coverage and you’ll have more options. This year it is a little tricky because any tax paying legal resident needs to have coverage or pay the fee (so short term coverage isn’t an option). Choices include marketplace coverage, coverage through a private insurer, and adding her to your plan. Whatever you do you need to do it ASAP because one only has a short window to enroll after they move.

Kritsada Hantragoon

Hi, I have F2 visa as a dependent to my wife who has F1. My visa valid through March 6, 2021. Am I qualified for Obama care? Thank you

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