Can I Opt-out of ObamaCare?

Can I opt out of Obama care and pay the fine instead. I was gonna enroll, but the cheapest plan I have found will cost me about half of what I make a year? Also Can I buy it for this year’s taxes and cancel shortly after so I can avoid paying the fine this year?

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I am in awe on this whole Obama Care insurance. Its pure robbery of the middle class. The ones with low income or on welfare basically get it free. Its time to stop robbing us middle class and start taxing the rich to pay for this horseshit. Better yet abolish this garbage. I will never pay the amount that it would require to have health insurance. I don’t pay money to what ifs. Insurance companies are out of control along with the government taking kicks backs to even allow this crooked program. There is no reason for any insurance to be the way it is today. Its all about money and its more like a business instead of actually preserving people to be healthy and to help with any problems that a rise with health. All you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Matter of fact it is the same as being a criminal to continue the way this program is ran. All government personal and including Obama who okayed this nonsense Obama Care are crooks and should be put in jail. Better yet escorted out of the states for treason against the American people.


The Federal Government, technically, by Law, does not have the right to imprison you, fine you, garnish your wages, or place liens against your personal assets. The US government doesn’t want you, the private citizen to notice the loopholes that are out there. They want you to be uneducated about Obamacare, and therefore, willingly believe you will be fined! In fact, of the 38million people who are uninsured since 2016, now up to 50million, about three-quarters pay the fines.

This link, via Forbes is a MUST READ! (

Most citizens don’t realize they have options against the Affordable Care Act. The first step is standing up to government by saying NO! We won’t put up with this nonsense anymore. There are more of us than there are of you, we pay your salaries, you work for us! Remember?! Or, do we have to brush you up on your public servant duties?!

Please read the article and then approach the ACA with caution.


This information is somewhat misleading. Without going into the details, you would generally be advised to follow laws even if you feel you have a reason to not follow the law (unless you want to argue against the Federal Government in court; that is about the best outcome you can hope for).

Also, because time has passed and Trump made changes, the mandate is now not active from 2019 forward.

Also, some of the stats you offered are not correct.

All are welcome to post comments, but this has comment has a lot of holes in it.


I am on social security I get $575.00 per month the insurance company gets $1043.00 per month from Obama care, I pay nothing and that is what get out of it nothing, What a waste of money.


I can’t afford a plan so I get fined How is this not counter productive? I need my tax return to pay for dental care but your taking 80 percent of it Not cool


The basic concept is that only those who can afford it (after cost assistance) and don’t get it are fined. That is the concept on paper, but some people really struggle with cost and owe the fee, this is a real thing. Just generally explaining the concept of “affordable” here.

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