Health Insurance Hell – Story

I could not sleep last night. Fearful that
might mean the end of Affordable
. For 20 years I fought
various cancers scared out of my wits that I would
not be able to continue to pay my health insurance
premiums. Punished every time I got cancer
or got older. The fear and stress did not help my
health. Some people cared. “GEE sorry your going
to loose a breast uterus hair and whatever.”
But they had no idea of the debts, the fears, the
ongoing battles with my arch enemy Health Insurance
Companies. I cried when Obama got elected. I cried
when Affordable care was passed. MY tears were
happy tears of relief that someone who could’
change the world for the better finally understood
and did something.With Obama’s leave I feel as though
I am loosing my Father once again. Here is a President
who truly cares about the disabled, the marginalized
the underdogs of America. Right now I
want to fight with every part of my being to see
that young people do not have to endure what I
endured for twenty years. I am truly more afraid
of the end of Affordable Care than the return of
one of my many cancers.

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Wow, I can very much relate to this person, although I have not been as unfortunate as she has, in regards to her health problems.
I, too, an terrified that we will lose key components of the ACA under the incoming executives And GOP-heavy Congress. The most important components for my family, the woman in the story above, and many other families are 1) subsidies (for premiums, deductables & OOP max) and 2) the disallowing of pre-existing condition prejudice.
PLEASE let our country keep the ACA!! Otherwise, so many of us will die. Obama raised our country out of the Third World health care levels we’d been in and brought our country up to First World standards!


I am so sorry you have been stricken with the cancer gene as I am .I am a survivor myself ,and lost many family members due to this horrible disease .I lost my job due to an accident so I was so happy to get Obamacare for 509 a month with a 10,000 out of pocket deductible.I was very surprised though when I read my policy does not cover cancer treatment , some do , not mine .Please check your policy , and the formulary to see if they cover cancer drugs .God bless ..and I hope you have a long healthy life .

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