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Before the affordable care act my premiums were $400 per month to cover my family of 5. In 2017 the insurance premiums will be $1700. I can no longer afford the plan I have had for many years. Already in bankruptcy as a result of Obamacare. Thanks!!!

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Ours is even more, it use to be $40 per week for a family of four and now it is $80. Our income went down but the insurance went up. Now we have to live off of $375 a week and pay out $3,840 per year on insurance that does not cover anything but catastrophic events. If something catastrophic occurred my husband would loose his job and insurance. I know this Obamacare helps the poor and I support that but what about low income families trapped in the middle?? We are suffering because of this. The insurance companies need removed all together. Another strategy needs to be created to bring affordable care to all without making low income families like us go without. Wages need increased to correspond with the constant increase in cost of living. America is quickly becoming a Third World Nation and something needs to be done. Three jobs between two people of three children can not even make ends meet anymore. We are suffering.


I cannot understand what actually happened to this family, without more information.
According to what I have read on this and other info websites, this family of 5 would have to make over $100k a year before they no longer qualified for subsidies. Additionally, if this family earned less than $70k, they would qualify for tax credit (help with premiums) AND Out-Of-Pocket assistance. There are not many plans on the exchange that cost $1700 a month.
So, either this family makes $100,000 a year, and they can pay $1700 a month, OR they make less and were not knowledgeable about the assistance available to them. In either case, it’s not adding up. This story just doesn’t make sense.


“There are not many plans on the exchange that cost $1700 a month.”

This is simply not true. My wife and I are in our 40’s with one child (13) and our silver plan is $1798/mo without subsidy. There were much better silver, gold and platinum plans available at premiums exceeding 2 grand a month. Further, the comparable plan I had last year (which was discontinued since United Healthcare left my state) was now over $2,400/mo – a 35% increase year over year.

Repeal of this disaster can’t come fast enough…


But with plans that cost $2400/month, how does the $4,000/year tax credit help much? It seems like the Republican subsidies are far lower than Obamacare, so seems like we’re leaving the room with the snarling dog to walk into a room with a snarling dragon…

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