I am trying to find a primary care doctor, seems like the majority of doctors do not accept my Coventry Carelink HMO plan.

After talking with a few offices if I had regular Coventry health insurance they would accept that but not my “obamacare” insurance. I just want a English speaking, American trained doctor. I CAN’T STAND MY INSURANCE

What do you think?

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This has been a big problem in some areas. The “ObamaCare plan” either referring to some plans sold on the state marketplace or Medicaid has been discriminated against by some health practitioners in some regions.

Sometimes this discrimination is ideological and borders on actual illegal discrimination and sometimes it’s just a provider choosing not to accept a certain insurance due to it’s payouts.

It is tempting to blame ObamaCare, but the truth is that insurers offering subpar plans are the real issue (when it’s not a healthcare provider discriminating for political reasons).

Don’t give up on the Marketplace, rather next open enrollment look at other health plan options. Often the bigger players will have a great Silver plan (BCBS, United Health, Aetna, for example). I personally have a bronze BCBS plan that is accepted by all doctors in my area, allows me to travel, and offers great value (at the expense of a high deductible). For me that was the right choice, but everyone is different. Still as a rule of thumb do try to use the Marketplace and take advantage of the potential savings.

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Just checked out the plan you are talking about. HMO’s can have narrow networks and that can mean they have only contracted with a limited number of providers. The answer for you may be to go with a Coventry PPO next enrollment or to simply ask the doctor you want which carriers they take and switch to different insurer altogether next enrollment.

Learn more about HMO versus a PPO https://obamacarefacts.com/health-plan-types-hmo-ppo/