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Confused about ObamaCare? Our Free ObamaCare Guide makes understanding the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace simple. The new healthcare reform law does a few really simple things, but in order to achieve this it enacts over a thousand pages of complex provisions. Understanding each of the provisions contained within the Affordable Care Act is a tall order on it’s own, but getting a basic understanding of the law is something that anyone with the right resources and a little free time can do. Our guide is written to be that resource.

Don’t wait to learn about what ObamaCare does for you. Use our ObamaCare guide and get all the information you need to be prepared for 2014 when most of us will either have to obtain health insurance or pay a fine! All non-exempt Americans must have insurance for each month starting in 2014 or pay a per month tax penalty on their year end federal income taxes!

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What You Will Find in Our Free Guide to ObamaCare

Our free guide is just a quick primer to help you understand the major things the Affordable Care Act does and what that means to you. Here is a quick overview of some of the subjects we cover.

• Who is ObamaCare for?

• Do I have to buy insurance?

• What happens if I don’t buy insurance?

• How can get I get the best deal on insurance?

• What is the Health Insurance Marketplace and how do I use it?

• How does ObamaCare improve my healthcare?

• How does ObamaCare affect my current insurance?

• And more!

By taking less than 10 minutes to understand the answers to these questions you will understand the new healthcare reform law and what it means to you. You’ll even be able to explain ObamaCare to your friends and family and help us with our mission to clear the air on what the program is really all about.

Get Covered

If you just want to get health insurance now simply find your state’s marketplace, or take a moment ot learn about the ObamaCare deadlines and sign up process, for more in-depth reading check out how ObamaCare affects you, or our how to section on buying health insurance.

ObamaCare’s Open Enrollment and Individual Mandate

To avoid the penalty you needed to obtain and maintain minimum essential coverage through out the year.  Insurance must be obtained during open enrollment.  Insurance purchased before the 15th of each month starts on the first of the following month after you have paid your premium.

If you miss the open enrollment deadline you will owe a fee for each month you go without healh insurance and won’t be able to enroll in a plan until next years open enrollment period. Open enrollment for 2015 starts November 15th, 2014 and ends February 15th, 2014.

Why Use Our Free ObamaCare Guide?

Sure, in a way our whole website is a free guide to ObamaCare and there are other guides out there, so you may be asking yourself why use the guide? The answer is simple, it tells you only what you need to know and will help you to understand how the program applies to you in minutes. Of course being a quick guide you won’t get every detail upfront, instead you’ll learn what questions to ask and get links pointing to the next bit of information you are looking for. Beyond just a quick free guide we also have explanations of most of the provisions on our site and we are also working on more detailed guides for the ACA as a whole and have specific online guides pertaining to just the Health Insurance Marketplace. Speaking of which…

Our Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace

Our Free ObamaCare Guide includes a section on the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Health Insurance Marketplace opened October 1st, 2013. Get our guide today to see how you can get cheap health insurance for you, your family and your business and find out what will happen if you don’t.

ObamaCare Guide: What ObamaCare Does in a few Words

Understanding every aspect of ObamaCare can be daunting, but getting the gist isn’t hard. Here is all you need to know about ObamaCare in a few words:

• If you have health coverage you like, you can keep it. Children under 26 can stay on a parent’s health insurance plan.

• If you don’t have coverage, you can use the new Health Insurance Marketplace to buy a private insurance plan.

• Pre-existing conditions are covered. So are many preventive services and 10 essential health benefits.

• Depending on your family size and income, you may get lower costs on monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

• You may also qualify for free or low-cost coverage from Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Many states are expanding Medicaid to cover more people in 2014.

• If you don’t have coverage in 2014 you’ll have to pay a fee. In 2014 it’s $95 per adult ($47.50 per child) or 1% of income, whichever is higher. The family max is $285.

• If you have coverage and want to explore Marketplace plans, you can. But if you have an offer of insurance from an employer, you may not be able to get lower costs on Marketplace insurance based on your income. It depends on whether the insurance you’re offered is considered affordable and meets minimum standards.

• Medicare isn’t part of the Marketplace. If you have Medicare, keep it.

• Private insurance purchased both inside or outside of the marketplace must be obtained during open enrollment.

Get more easy to understand bullet-points, facts and descriptions on what ObamaCare does for you, your family and your business by getting the ObamaCare Facts guide to ObamaCare today.

Get the Guide Now

We are still working on our latest version of our free ObamaCare guide. In the meantime check out our online guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace for a quick guide to obtaining insurance under the Affordable Care Act! You can also find answers to most of your health care, health insurance and Affordable Care Act questions by searching our site.


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