My children and I are covered under my husband’s insurance through his job and have recently run into a couple potential issues.

I work for a business that has two stores but they are completely separate. They are two separate jobs, basically.

1. One place wants to promote me to stay at only their store. I will have to go through an MIT (manager in training) program for 90 days before picking up their free insurance.

2. The other store wants to raise my pay and my hours to 40/wk.

Obviously there are other details to make my decision but the larger is about insurance.

Now, with Obama Care, my job will offer me insurance that I don’t need or want. And if my job offers insurance, my husband’s job won’t cover me.

Therefore, in reference to above ….
1. Would there be a 90 grace period where I could stay under my husband’s insurance until I completed the program (as in not being offered any).
2. Is there a loophole somewhere where the insurance doesn’t have to be offered to me? If I got dropped from my husband’s insurance, the extra wage and hours would pay for the insurance I was forced to take. So, What would be the point?


You don't have to take coverage you don't want. The only caveat is that if you get marketplace assistance your employer could get fined. Just let them know you are taking coverage through your husband and don't need the benefits. If your employer agrees they could essentially offer you benefits and then you decline. They can't just not offer you no benefits.

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Kat on

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But what if your spouse says their employer won’t allow you to stay on spouses insurance when you are working full time elsewhere and eligible for
Coverage with that employer? on

For an employer it is optional to offer coverage to the spouse. So if they decide not to offer coverage you can go with your employer coverage for one or more family members.Whatever choice you go with it typically makes sense to share a plan in regards to cost sharing, but makes sense to take the best offer from an employer in regards to premiums.

K Wray on

NEW QUESTION: I work for a California school district as a teacher. I have always been on my husband’s insurance plan. Now my district says: VEBA requires me to take one of their plans. They said I could take the ones that are no cost to me. However, in the past, when I did have my own, I had to use my plan first because my birthday falls before my husband in the calendar year. So my question is: Does the school have the legal right to force me to take a plan that I do not want. I am fully covered under my husband’s plan.