What Paper Stock Should 1095-C Be Printed On?

Are we allowed to manually print our 1095-C’s on blank paper, using the form from IRS.gov? Or, must we use stock forms from office supply stories, such as is necessary for 1099s. Do you know any software that can be used to print 1095-C’s?

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I printed my 1095-c forms and then realized I had forgotten to include the country with the zip code. Do I need to order more forms and re-print them?


Printview Plus can be used to generate 1095-C. You can get more information at http://www.jatsoftware.com/what-we-do.php?sec=10201


Typically we aren’t big on people plugging private products in our comments, but because this is a very specific case we are going to allow it. You can also try doing a search for “1095-C solutions” or checking out https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/onesource/aca-compliance/.

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