Hi – we are a periodontal office (dental). We perform gum disease surgery and also extractions on people of all ages. We are aware that there is no “dental” coverage except for children but we are wondering if we do perform extractions on children with this plan how the reimbursement would be made to us.

Thank you.


The ACA doesn't create new dental, it just extends existing dental plans (either as stand-alone or as part of a medical plan). So nothing changes in regard to how a dentist would handle billing and claims under the ACA.

The only extra thing to note is that lots of Marketplace plans include dental (not as a requirement, but as an option) so keep in mind that there could be some new business opportunities due to that. Offering an attractive incentive to new customers could drum up new business as exchanges take off. Check out which insurers are offering plans in your region and make sure to join their networks.

Learn more about ObamaCare and Dental.

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