My question is about insurance and medicaid.i am 26 years old and i don’t have 5 years residence, its been 4 months i am here in United States.

My husband applied me for insurance and they denied, they send us an email in which they said that may be eligible for Medicaid. But, when i went to the nearest health center they denied me for the medicaid too which was so painful as i am 4 months pregnant, my husband works and he earns around 2250, but i don’t work.

They said your are denied because of residence.

They are charging me for every appointment and medicine are too expensive which they are recommending me which i can not afford.

I really need help


If you have been denied Medicaid you qualify for an exemption from the fee and catastrophic health coverage. You also qualify for special enrollment in the Marketplace. However, if you are not eligible for Marketplace coverage due to income, you'll need to use the exemption and or catastrophic coverage options.

Due to your pregnancy you will also have more options through Medicaid and CHIP depending upon your states rules.

Just so it's clear, the reason you are being denied health coverage is because you live in a state that refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Learn more about Medicaid expansion.

Learn more about what you need to know if you have been denied Medicaid.

Learn more about eligibility for the Marketplace.

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